According to wikipedia, reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning, a form of language processing. For a bookworm this quarantine is probably the best thing that can ever happen to him/her but for it can be for the rest of us also.

Reading increases creativity and imagination, improves memory, lower stress level and the list of benefits can go on. There are books out there for everyone, either you re a dreamer, a junkie, a feminist, a nerd, a single dad, a cynic or whomever you are.

There is a whole debate between people who read only electronic books and the ones that prefer physical books but you don`t have to get into that debate, of course. Read on whatever format you feel like reading and everything else will follow.

If you want physical books you can order them online from a lot of websites:

You can find also Ebooks on the websites above but there are also a lot of free books that you can download and enjoy in this period:

You can also join a virtual book club, if not now, then when?

Also, there is an app where you can track your reading process. It can help you read more through the book challenges they have and you can also share progress with your friends.

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