Help others

In this period, we can begin to feel small in front of all the madness that takes place beyond our front door.

One of the best ways to avoid that is by helping others through volunteering if you feel brave enough to leave the house.

If you feel more secure at home, you can donate to non-governmental organizations that have already mobilized to help those who find it most difficult during this time.

  • Health workers are the frontline in the war against COVID-19. The next NGO is trying to help them with protective equipment and medical equipment
  • The elderly and people with chronic diseases are currently the most exposed to the effects that the virus can have on the body. That is why “Geeks for democracy” created a system in which volunteers are going to shop (under maximum safety conditions) for these people and deliver shoppings at their door. You can also volunteer for them without leaving the house, they need people to answer the phone and take orders.
  • There is also a platform where you can offer your help and it is available for people all across the country. The platform goes both ways, it can be used also by people who are searching for help with their shopping.
  • If you want to help small business you can do it through buying from them a card that you can use to purchase experiences for later to come.

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